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On Top of the Wall!

Coping products from Ashlar Stone Products

A coping stone is the top course of a stone wall and can be flat, sloped or curved. Coping can help protect your wall from the elements and adds a decorative finish.

There are various options of coping to choose from, from simply sawn six sides, to half round wall tops and everything in between. This blog will help you to understand your options when it comes to ordering coping with Ashlar Stone Products.

Coping Types


Sawn Coping

Sawn coping is sawn on six sides, creating a smooth and straight edged finish. This is generally 50mm thick and is supplied in any width required and in random lengths ranging

from 400mm to 1200mm, but can be cut to bespoke lengths and thicknesses if needed.

Stone wall with coping
Sawn Coping

Dressed and Fettled Edge Coping

This is as above, but has been hand finished on the edges to give a rough and more traditional appearance, with a sawn top and bottom face. A dressed edge gives a uniform texture whereas a 'fettled' edge is a rougher more natural finish.

Left: Dressed Edge, Right: Fettled Edge

Riven Coping

Instead of being sawn, riven coping is produced by hand, splitting stone along the bed which creates a rough and uneven surface. Riven coping is great for projects where you are looking for an aged appearance. Due to the nature of this stone, the sizes available are much more restricted, so coping is 300mm wide by random lengths with a variable thickness from 40-60mm. Riven coping is subject to availability.

Hand split stone coping
Riven Coping with Dressed Edge

Chamfered coping

Chamfered coping is sawn on six sides and tends to be thicker than regular sawn coping, generally 75mm or 100mm. A chamfer is created by cutting away a right-angled edge or corner to make a symmetrical sloping edge.

Stone coping stones with chamfer
Chamfered Coping

Adding an overhang and drip

All of the above coping can have an overhang, this can be as large or small as you require. The overhang measurement just needs adding to the width of your wall when sending us the dimensions (remember to add the overhang measurement for each side of the wall). If your wall has an overhang, you may choose to add a ‘drip’, this is a groove on the underside of the stone to cause water to drip off and prevents water from running down the face of your wall.

Half Round Wall Tops

Half round wall tops are used to create a rounded top to your wall. These are hand dressed by our stonemason and are available in 12"-18" widths as standard. We can also supply in other widths if required.

Stone wall half round top
Half Round Wall Tops

The natural stone from our quarry is fine grained and hard wearing, making it ideal for protecting walls from the elements. The stone is light grey/buff coloured with a dappled veining through it. The stone will naturally weather over time creating a timeless feature for any garden or renovation project.

The examples provided are some of our more popular products, but other options are available such as once weathered coping and bespoke sizes, just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Useful pointers:

  • We measure and price coping by the linear meter

  • Coping can be any width you require

  • Coping can be any thickness you need, at a minimum of 30mm

  • Dressed edges, chamfers and drips are priced in addition, by the linear meter

  • If you’d like an overhang on your coping, remember to add this measurement to the width of the coping


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