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Natural Stone Awards 2022 - Winner

We were delighted to supply the stone for the winning entry of the Carving, Lettering and Sculpture category at the Natural Stone Awards 2022.

The Wainsgate Urn, Hebden Bridge was desinged and sculpted by Charles Gurrey, commissioned by Mr & Mrs Hughes as a fitting tribute to their daughter.

The magnificent peice stands at just over 2 meters tall, with the engraving of T.S. Elliot's poem 'Ash Wednesday' wrapping around the urn.

Branshaw Quarry sandstone is renowned for it's close-grained geology which lends itself to quality carving and sculpting.

The judges commented that this "features as one of the finest monuments in it's setting and noted that the letter cutting is excellent, beautifully designed and executed."

There is now only a small reserve of this specific monumental stone left in our quarry, which is reserved for our longstanding monumental customers. However our quarry has a vast reserve of other quality stone suitable for headstones, fireplaces and more.


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