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Hand-split riven yorkstone flags


Newly split riven yorkstone flags (not reclaimed), quarried in Yorkshire.

What is Riven Paving?
Riven paving flags are created from flagrock, which is natural stone with even beds or layers, which can be split by hand, creating flags with a naturally textured finish.

Each riven flag is unique, reflecting the natual formation of the stone, leaving a wonderfully authentic product. Riven paving is a timeless choice which is popular for traditional restorations, garden and patio projects.

Two colours available: Traditional Buff or Grey/Buff

Specification: 600mm wide x random lengths, or random x random, thickness varies from 30-60mm

PLEASE NOTE: We only have a limited amount of Riven Paving available and cannot gaurantee an ongoing supply. Only a small amount of block from our quarry is suitable for riven paving.

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