We can supply just about any type of product from our stone at Branshaw Quarry. Below are some of the main products we supply but if you have any specific requirements please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Diamond six sides sawn paving is our main product and comes in a variety or widths and thicknesses. The characteristic of the paving give a modern contemporary look, yet still hold the traditional aspect of yorkstone paving. Pale grey in colour when dry, yet when wet the colours are more pronounced and gives a warmer buff grey feel. 


Specification: 300, 450 & 600mm wide by random lengths, 30 or 50mm thick. 

Price: £68.50+vat/sqmt


Yorkstone handmade new riven paving is a traditional type of paving. The skilled craftsman hand splits large pieces of block into around 35-60mm thick flags which are then fettled to a finished paving product.


Specification: Paving - 450 & 600mm wide by random lengths, Coping - 300mm wide with dressed edges.

Price: £65+vat/sqmt


Diamond six sides sawn steps are available in any dimensions and either 50 or 75mm thick. As with the sawn paving the characteristics of the stone give a modern contemporary look, yet still hold the traditional aspect of yorkstone paving. Bull-nosing is an option if required and installation is available for the South East and Greater London region by English City Stone.

Specification: Any dimensions, 50 or 75mm thick

Price Example: 1000 x 400 x 50 with Bullnose Front - £110+vat


Diamond sawn building products can include sawn walling, window and door sets, heads and cills, quoins and anything required on a new build. Chamfering is available should this be required.


Specification: Standard sizes are 100 or 140mm.

Price Example: 1200 x 140 x 140 - £46+vat


Diamond sawn six side tumbled setts are the ideal product for driveways and pathways. These are produced using the offcuts from the sawn paving which are cut to 150mm wide and tumbled to give an aged affect.

Specification: 150mm wide by random lengths, 50mm thick

Price: £50+vat/sqmt


We offer a range of different monumental products and our highly skilled masons can meet your specific requirements. A small selection of items include headstone, lettering, detailed carving and fireplaces.

Ashlar Stone Products, Branshaw Quarry

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Yorkstone Tumbled Setts